Renovating homes of U.S. veterans and helping communities in need

Do you want to help renovate the homes of U.S. veterans and help in areas that have been affected by disasters such as the Superstorm Sandy? You have the chance by going to and signing up for the Craftsman Club.

The Craftsman brand, well-known and trusted America’s tool brand, recently launched the “Make a Difference” Tour together with Sears Heroes at Home and Rebuilding Together. Throughout the summer they will be driving across the country trying to make difference in various communities and also inspire individuals to do the same, to bring out their tool boxes and work with their hands.

“We believe all Americans can build, create and shape their worlds, from the smallest of home projects to the tallest of buildings. And, we enjoy the pride in seeing our passion for making come to life,” said Michael Castleman from Sears Holdings.

Together with them is also Ty Pennington, national TV personality who will be helping with the tour as a leader of the volunteers. He said that “I’m excited and proud to be part of the Craftsman ‘Make a Difference’ Tour because, with the help of volunteers from Heroes at Home and Rebuilding Together, we’ll make a positive impact in the lives of those in need.”

Along the way, the “Make a Difference” Tour will be making more than 20 stops, and at each event, in addition to everything else, there will be demonstrations of the latest Craftsman products, giveaways and much more.

The tour is part of Craftsman’s new “Made to Make” campaign, meant to celebrate the maker in each of us.

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Babies are cute and so funny – pt 2

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We all love babies they are so cute. We also know though that some of the funniest moments as parents come before these little people even know what they are doing is so memorable and entertaining

When Dreams Become Reality: One lucky person to win apartment in Miami’s premier waterfront location

Paramount Bay is Miami’s newest residential hot spot and soon one lucky guy or girl will be announced. The person will be winning a 1700-square-foot luxury condominium featuring two bedrooms, two and a half baths, a gourmet kitchen and a beautiful terrace with a view to the Miami Beach.

The condominium has been designed by Miami’s own interior decorator Lindsay Pumpa, designer with forward-looking design approach, capable of putting a contemporary spin on Miami’s urban-chic lifestyle.

The condominium is given out as a grand prize for this year’s HGTV Urban Oasis Giveaway. Valued at nearly a million dollars, if you didn’t participate in the giveaway, you should definitely keep an eye on their future giveaways through

“The HGTV Urban Oasis in Miami is ideal for those who dream of oceanfront views but want the vibrancy of downtown at their doorstep,” said Kathleen Finch from HGTV.

Talking twins – part 2

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Ten Most Haunted Cities need Roto-Rooter

There are many articles out there talking about the most haunted cities in the U.S. or around the world. For example, a list put together by includes the following cities as the U.S. most haunted ones:

New Orleans, LA
Savannah, GA
Gettysburg, PA
Chicago, IL
Salem, MA
Charleston, SC
Portland, OR
Athens, OH
Key West, FL
San Francisco, CA

However, experience as well as common sense has shown that not always are the problems ghost-related. Or more specifically, science has not yet been able to prove the existence of ghosts at all. While it can’t prove the opposite either, many times a person hears a clinging sound and suspects the presence of paranormal, the truth is a lot simpler.

Often the actual problem they are having, especially in case of old houses, are old metal pipes (compared to plastic ones used in new houses) that expand and contract when hot water is used. Other causes for the weird sounds are unsecured piping, bad insulation of the walls.

Find out more what your ghosts might actually be made of with the help of Roto-Rooter.

Livingroom decor ideas

Here are some beautiful suggestions for your livingroom decor

Home – a place to long for

Home is a such a great word.  It is a place we all long to have and a place we all want to be.

I hope today this song inspires you like it does me

Get yourself a new vacation home!

DIY Network is giving you the chance to win your own vacation home. The Blog Cabin 2012 Giveaway started with the premiere of the sixth season of DIY Network’s Interactive Home Building Series “Blog Cabin” and is open until September 28 at 5 p.m. ET.

The home that is being given away will be fully renovated farmhouse from 1880s, located in Waldoboro, Maine. The home is fully furnished and is valued at almost $700,000.

Record-breaking six million people voted on how the home should be renovated and now can see how it’s done by watching the show.The sixth season of Blog Cabin premiered on Monday, August 13.

Learn more about the home at If you want to participate in the giveaway, you can do that twice every day (until September 28, 2012), once on and once on

Besides giving away a prize worth $700 000, the Blog Cabin show is unique in the sense that it actually gives the viewers a chance to interact with their experts.

“This is truly a unique experience for our viewers,” says show host Chris Grundy, do-it-yourself enthusiast and tools expert. “Nowhere else on television can viewers interact with our experts, weigh-in on the renovation and then enter for a chance to win the home they helped design. Our commitment to viewer engagement is what separates DIY Network from everyone else!”